Under this heading, I will post various news articles describing my volunteer work and newsworthy efforts to better the City of Monterey over the past 8 years.

The first is from January 2013, when I was fighting for the public getting a fair return on two waterfront leases:

“Yacht Club, Sapporo tussle with Monterey over leases; planning commish cries foul.” (Monterey County Weekly, 2013)

The result of my objections was that the private, members only, Monterey Yacht Club had their rent increased from $840 to $3,000 per month.

As the staff and City Council increased their understanding of the horrible waterfront leases that had been given away since 1988, the requested new low market lease extension to Surfside Enterprises (the Cannery Row Company) for the Sapporo Building  was denied by the City Council. Read article here

“Love him or hate him, Monterey’s Bill McCrone wants to make sure his city gets paid, and that means tackling the third rail of the city’s politics – leasing policies on the wharf.”
(Monterey County Weekly, 2015)

The next article was in April 2015, describes the history of the sordid leading practices of our City Council, going back to the 1939 General Plan.  It also reports the adoption of new leasing policies by the City Council (Roberson and Smith voting no), that finally put leases on our Waterfront on a sound commercial basis.  It was a great victory for the public over the cronies who seemingly controlled City Hall.  Unfortunately, the new leasing policies did not last long. Read article here

“In a 3-2 vote, Monterey City Council calls off lease negotiations with Surfside Enterprises.” (Monterey County Weekly, 2015)

My opponent and a majority of this City Council (without Libby Downey) have now abandoned the sound commercial leasing guidelines in February 2017, and have taken to making lease extensions in closed session, without input from or announcement to the Public. Read article here – Read more under “Transparency Lost”.

Let's put Monterey residents first!

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