I have decided that I will neither make endorsements nor post endorsements for my candidacy.  It is a practice that is much abused and, in my view, of little value.  The election of Monterey Mayor is not about personalities and popularity.  It is about performance, issues and leadership.

I do however want to recognize the members of my McCrone for Mayor 2018 Campaign Committee.  Their assistance, advise and energy have been essential to helping me present a campaign to the public that focuses on the issues of importance to Monterey residents.


Libby Downey                                                 Carolyn Harris

Nancy Selfridge                                               Jay Roland

Don Edgren                                                      Bob Evans

Jason Reed                                                        Roger Eisele

Luis Osorio                                                       David Wheeler

Marcia Hardy                                                  Michael Kadlick

Melissa Thoeny                                              Ian McCrone

Let's put Monterey residents first!

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