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Waterfront Master Plan

Historically, Monterey has been a waterfront town.  In 1939, the City adopted a General Plan that preserved that character, and specifically provided that there be no parking along the waterfront.  Through the efforts of some self-serving commercial interests, the City abandoned that well-reasoned plan, which resulted in the massive surface parking lot that today covers some of the most valuable real estate in California.  Continue reading Waterfront Master Plan



I am hard-pressed to think of any significant initiatives or accomplishments achieved by the current Mayor and City Council during the past four years.  The Conference Center renovations have been completed, but at nearly double the original budget and way behind schedule.  Measure P was approved by the voters and implemented, but now the Council wants more to fix the roads that should have been covered by prudent planning and use of the general fund money.  At the same time, this Council has adopted a policy of taking budget and business actions in closed sessions, has failed to address the growing problem of campaign money influence on elections, and has ignored the workforce housing crisis.  I believe that, with my experience and understanding of those issues, I can provide the leadership to move the Council and the City forward with active solutions now and for the future. Continue reading ISSUES FOR MONTEREY IN 2018