Workforce Affordable Housing

The crisis of affordable workforce housing shortage in Monterey has been growing for more than a decade.  A city where the people who work here and who grow up here cannot afford to live here cannot long sustain itself. 

If we do not initiate solutions immediately, we are in grave danger of becoming a “resort city” that has little sense of community and the rich cultural heritage that is ours.  Clyde Roberson leads a faction of this community with a negative attitude toward renters and apartment developments.

While  my opponent has actively opposed mixed use and increased density that are required to address the problem, I support realistic solutions involving increased density in select areas of the City and mixed uses (retail and residential) in new or existing retail buildings.

I will propose active initiatives to address the growing problem by revising some of our zoning laws and taking advantage of State legislation than could provide funding to assist the proper development of affordable and inclusionary housing. 

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