Waterfront Master Plan

Historically, Monterey has been a waterfront town.  In 1939, the City adopted a General Plan that preserved that character, and specifically provided that there be no parking along the waterfront.  Through the efforts of some self-serving commercial interests, the City abandoned that well-reasoned plan, which resulted in the massive surface parking lot that today covers some of the most valuable real estate in California. 

I have worked tirelessly over six years to develop a new Master Plan for the Waterfront that will more integrate the waterfront with the Downtown, and return much of our waterfront to a park-like setting, with an entrance to be a landmark.

I will carry through with the desirable prospects of the plan, and its implementation.  There is money to be found to buildout the Plan in the Tidelands Trust Fund, currently $5.2 million, and I will provide the leadership to make these funds available.     

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