Budget/Financial Issues

The number of city employees earning more than $200,000 per year has mushroomed almost 300% during Clyde Roberson’s tenure as Mayor, yet key management positions remain unfilled. 

Our pension liability problem grows inexorably as lower management type employees are allowed to “game the system” for the purpose of allowing them to retire in some cases on a pension that is more than their base salary.  Budget hearings, which used to consume several hearings each Spring, are now little more than rubber-stamped by this Council.

Instead of defunding our valuable “civic institutions such as First Night, the 4thof July parade and fireworks display, and Christmas celebrations, as past Councils have done, I believe there is money to be found to reinstate and sustain them.  Whether making difficult decisions to reduce generous executive salaries and overtime compensation, or discontinuing subsidies to prosperous businesses on the Waterfront, an active Council must be more diligent in insisting that it receive choices and be able to make them.

I am not a retired government employee, can read and understand a budget, and have the business experience that is lacking with Mr. Roberson to insure your tax dollars are well spent.

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